September 17, 2010

Ten Hearts

I have been doing some extensive house cleaning recently. A friend recently suggested that I review my personal gratitude list. When I did so, I realized that it needed a little fixing up. Much like a room which needs to be updated or redecorated, my gratitude list needed a little refurbishing. Here is a list of ten things which fill my heart today.

10. I have a job. In fact, I have several jobs and am thankful for the success of our businesses.

9. I have a nice house to sleep in every night.

8. Reality TV (I know, but I'm still thankful for it!)

7. I am vital and healthy.

6. Team Chevy- this ever-growing network of customers and friends with whom I share a common bond.

5. I am daily thankful that I was born an American citizen and enjoy the rights, privileges, and opportunities that it affords.

4. Bacon. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure.

3. My own personal animal kingdom. I get to walk on the wild side everyday!

2. Chevy. I am blessed to share the life journey of a great horse.

1. I am surrounded daily by people who truly know and care about me.

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