February 12, 2011

Staring at Mares

So, the Indians have become restless and are calling to ask when we are going to be live on MareStare this year. Well- soon enough the halls of the foaling barn at Fields Quarter Horses will be re-opened to everyone! We've already delivered 3 healthy beautiful Chevy foals this year and are expecting the 4th next week. We've been able to have the benefit of real live human barn eyes for our own mares and foals so far.

But, we've missed sharing our birthings with the rest of the world and will be going live in the next couple of weeks. There are 4 mares scheduled to foal during March so there should be plenty of action! See you soon...

January 18, 2011

The Winds of Change...

Another year has come and gone at Fields Quarter Horses...the winds of change have blown quite a lot this year. As we begin 2011, there are some missing pieces at FQH. Gary Trubee leaves us today to return to his beloved Ohio- the wilds there are calling him home. Amber moved on this past Fall and is currently pursuing her horse dreams in a different venue.

In the words of the great Bob Marley (singer/songwriter in case you were wondering) "...as it was in the beginning...so shall it be in the end," comes to mind here. In the beginning it was Wayne, Khris, and Brittney (and Tara too!) with a love for horses and a common bond in our desire to breed great ones. Today, that remains the same.

We will take our time and look for the right professional to welcome into our barn. In the meantime, Chevy continues to woo his ladies (with the help of Rood and Riddle, and Drs. Mather and Howard). We foal mares by the moonlight and tend our dogs and pets by the day. For a look at the broad spectrum that shines over our lives, here are links to our different websites.

See you soon- I'm in the mood to blog again so I'll be back before you know it!


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